The RES INTERIORS Client Journey

Thoughtful & Collaborative



The RES Interiors client journey is carefully crafted to bring each project the highest level of style, while respectfully demonstrating a disciplined approach to budget and time management.

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Initial Phone Conversation

We always start with a phone conversation to begin establishing a relationship and talk about your design objectives. We'll discuss your project scope at a high level, talk about the our design process and approach, and determine if it makes sense to take the conversation to the next level, with an on-site consultation.


Initial On-site Consultation

When we meet in your home, we’ll walk around your home and talk about the changes you are looking to make. We’ll ask a lot of questions and listen closely to what you say--and don’t say.  This gives us more insight into your personal style and what you hope to achieve with our help.

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Letter of Agreement

Before we proceed with any work, we’ll spell everything out in a Letter of Agreement. You’ll know exactly what to expect in terms of scope, time and budget, and you can count on this same level of transparency throughout the design and billing processes.

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Project Kick-off & Selection

To officially kick of the project, we come on-site and take detailed measurements of rooms, existing furniture, windows, everything we need to be able to create a realistic layout of the space we’re working with.  We also take lots of pictures so that we can refer back to them throughout the design process.  

These details inform the design of scaled furniture layouts, custom window treatments, built-in bookcases--anything that is part of the project scope – so when we begin the selection process, you can have the confidence and peace of mind that comes from knowing your choices will work!

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Concept & Selection Review

This is where we present floor plan layouts, renderings, fabrics, tile, paint colors, furniture ideas—all of the elements that are part of the new design.  Detailed cost and time estimates are also provided at this stage.

Sometimes this is a single meeting and other times it occurs over several, depending on the scope of the project and your preferences. 

Final Selection, Ordering & Installation

Here we finalize the selection of individual items, place orders and begin to transform your space.  We bring in our trade partners to make the agreed upon changes and we arrange for the delivery and installation of all of the items.


I believe in working collaboratively with my clients because I’ve found it’s the best way to ensure you have the peace of mind that your design investment is going to yield the result you envisioned. You should love your new surroundings and feel great about the changes you’ve made.  I also want you to enjoy the process we go through to get there. That’s why clarifying expectations, and laying out a clear plan is so important to me. I want to make sure you know what’s going to happen when, how long it’s going to take, and what it’s going to cost.